How quickly can I get verified on BitClout?
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How quickly can I get verified on BitClout?

People have noticed that BitClout is now verifying select users and that verifying increases your coin price. So many people are asking "How do I get verified on BitClout?"

Two ways

First off - you need to be verified on another social media platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Being verified on Twitter is the simplest way - just make a Tweet like this, but with your info:

It goes like this

"Hey I'm on #BitClout

<Your Public Key>

<your url>"

You can find your public key on your wallet page here:

And your url is found on your profile page here

The second way is email - send an email to that includes

Your username, BitClout url, public key and links to other verified social media - preferably where they can see you talking about your bitclout account on that other social media.

Good Luck! And don't be afraid to email them again if you don't hear anything back.