New to BitCoin?

Many people are asking "How do I get BitCoin?" for the first time because they want to join BitClout.

Good News! You don't need to own any Bitcoin (BTC) to join BitClout and enjoy the site and all the features. And we have already made a walkthrough showing you how to here. With screenshots and video.

So if that's all you needed to know - You're good. Stop reading.

But if you clicked here to learn how to buy BTC because you want get some extra $BitClout currency then read on. And the $ in front of $BitClout is how you distinguish between the site BitClout and the currency $BitClout.

Setting Expectations

I know how excited you are to buy $BitClout with your BTC and begin backing your favorite Clouters because when I first started I was excited too. But there is going to be a delay of 3 - 5 business days.

After reading this article and the links in it - you will be able to buy BTC pretty quickly, but you're going to have to wait those 3-5 business days before you can transfer your BTC into BitClout because banks are slow and won't release your BTC until their waiting period.

Banks being banks - Amirite?

Also - you are also going to need your photo ID on hand.

The good news is that after you've made it past the bank hurdle of turning dollars, euros, yen, or whatever into BTC - the rest is lighting quick. $BitClout is fast.

Choosing your BitCoin Store

Go Pro, if you can

First, you want to open an account on an exchange. I like to think of it as going to the BitCoin store. The simplest way to get BitCoin is to use Coinbase. Download the app and go through the walkthrough. They have a simple user interface, and app and they will walk you through it better than I could. So if you just want to buy BTC quickly and not worry about the details go there. You will pay a bit more in fees for the smooth experience though.

So if you are completely new and nervous about computers, I recommend you start with Coinbase for your first modest purchase, and then use what you learn from the slick CoinBase interface and that 3-5 business day wait to learn a more cost effective alternative like CoinbasePro for all future and larger purchases. Plus you can freely transfer between those two platforms -  same parent company. Personally, I only use CoinbasePro.

How Much BTC do I buy?

Buy $40 more than you want to use on BitClout because right now the BTC transfer fees vary. Right now they are about $10-$20 per transfer so bump that up to $40 just be safe.

For example, if you want $100 of BitClout, buy $140. Or if you want $100,000 of BitClout, buy $100,040.


OK you have followed the in app instructions, funded your account and bought your BTC and made it through the banks waiting period. What's next?

You turn your BTC into $BitClout. Here's how:

BitClout window on the left, and a BitCoin Withdrawal window on the right

Bring up two browser windows. One on bitclout, the other on your exchange. You can do it on mobile two I am showing CoinBase Pro here, so your display might be different but all exchanges will have the functions shown here, even if they're in different places or on different pages.

Step 1:

Click Buy BitClout at [1] that will bring up the rest of the BitClout screen.

Step 2:

Set [A] to your your BTC wallet. There are lots of other Crypto currencies and you're probably going to have fun learning about them too, but for now we're just sticking to BitCoin (BTC).

Step 3:

See the long string of characters in [2] ? Copy them with the Copy button. And then Paste them into [B]. This is your BTC address on the BitClout website. Its like the snail mail address for a check or your name on paypal or venmo.

Step 4:

Type in the amount of BTC you want to send in [C]. If you want to send all the BTC you just bought, then you can just click the MAX button most exchanges have.

Step 5:

Click Withdrawal at [D]. Most exchanges will have a password and confirmation windows. Click through them and put in the passwords as needed.

Step 6:

Click Refresh at [3] and watch the BTC appear. If the BTC doesn't appear immediately, then wait 30 seconds and click again. Its usually instant. Occasionally its takes up to a half hour. But 99.9% of the time its less than a minute. Once the BTC has appeared in that "amount deposited" box move on to the next step.

Step 7:

Click Max at [4]. You probably want to transfer all of your BTC into BitClout. You can type in a different amount, but you probably want to just exchange it all.

Step 8:

Click Buy BitClout at [5]. Then confirm. Congrats now you have BitClout!